Hiring of Overseas Domestic Helpers

Application procedures:

A. Applicant's qualifications -
Family's total income/assets must be no less than HK$186,000 per year.

B. Selecting and Hiring Process of Domestic Helpers includes:

1. Go to employment agency/consultant to get assistance in selecting of suitable helper; signing of contract, payment of processing fees, etc.. Employers provide income and address proof.

Hiring process:

- Employers select suitable helpers by reviewing various helpers' job application files and videos.
- Signing of Contract Agreement and related documents
- Upon receiving helper's working Visa approved/notified by HKSAR Immigration Dept., please submit the latest address proof to our company for picking up of Visa.
- Once the helper completed their training and received all approval documents prior to their departure; our company will notify the employer to confirm the helper's expected arrival date. Furthermore, on the actual arrival date of the helper, our company's personnel will pick up the helper from the airport to process ID cards, perform medical check-ups, etc. and by then the helper is available for pick up by the employer at our office in the late afternoon.

Required documents:

- Copy of HKID card
- Income proof such as latest tax return, salary advice, bank statements, etc.
- Address proof such as government rates, water or electric bills, etc.
If however the aforesaid documents are under someone else's name other than the employer; the employer must provide other supporting document such as rental contract, marriage license or birth certificate to confirm the relationship between the employer and the person whose name was listed on the documents.

Employment of approval process:

- our office will submit the employment contract to the Philippine Consulate for Notary Public and HK Immigration Dept. for processing working visa, etc. Once the employment application is approved; the employer will receive notice from the immigration dept. on issuance of helper's working visa.

. Helper's arrival
- On the date of helper's arrival to HK, our company will provide pick up service at
the airport, apply for HKID card, work insurance, inform Philippine Consulate of
helper's arrival and other follow-up services.